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We build beautiful apps

We build both web and native mobile apps with 100% JavaScript ecosystem. Following are two of the very recent apps we built:

Kreisliga Coach Football App

Kreisliga Coach is a football team management app which is used by immature football teams for scheduling training sessions & football matches among all the players of a team.

Among 80+ screens there are almost every feature that a football team needs i.e. player profile, event management, chat, accounting, online payment, penalties and many more.


Smarida Taxation App

Smarida is a SaaS solution that is used to capture almost all the financial documents in digital form in order to allow tax consultants to declare taxes of SMEs.

The features consist of scanning invoices, uploading the metadata of an invoice, editing and cropping scanned invoices, chatting with colleagues and tax advisors and managing status of the invoices.


We are tech entrepreneurs

We are a team of entrepreneurs, software engineers, designers, experienced JavaScript developers and quality assurance officers. We can write anything about ourselves, but read what our customers say about us:

Our Clients

Our clients are tech startups who care about quality, productivity and speed. They know that a diverse team can bring more value to the beautiful products we build for them. Since building digital products is a borderless activity, we have clients from all over Germany.

What is React and who uses it?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of individual developers and corporations. Simply speaking with react you can build web apps and native mobile apps. Following are just few of the big companies using React:

React.js + React Native = Magic

We build rich UI web apps and native cross platform mobile apps for iOS and Android devices! In order to understand this approach in more detail navigate through the following buttons.


We use the black magic of React.js and React Native with the serious power of Sencha and Native Base in order to produce HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java and Swift code smartly enough that runs in all the devices i.e. all web browsers, Android and iOS devices.

Confuse it not with hybrid mobile apps, React Native produces native apps, React Native code is transpiled into Swift and Java code for iOS and Android devices respectively. It sounds like magic until you try it and feel the user experience personally. Perhaps you already have the experience i.e. Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and many more are built on React Native.



We are using the revolutionalized way of REST API, you guessed it right, GraphQL. By using GraphQL we don't only reduce the number of endpoints but also increase productivity.

By using Node.js we don't only have access to great packages like Express.js for our web server and a dozen more features, Express.js for authentication, for its realtime commmunication but also have the benefit of using any of the 350,000 packages of NPM. Not only that, remember it is also JavaScript so the real codesharing starts here by having 100% JavaScript ecosystem!



Having 100% JavaScript ecosystem and not having a NoSQL database is absurd. We recommend MongoDB, the worldly renowned NoSQL database but you can pick one from any other NoSQL database options at your own observation.

Having a NoSQL database which resonates with JSON format is an agility that you can adopt that will pay off at a later stage. Having scalability as a default bonus among several other plus points. We highly prefer using a cloud based NoSQL database like MongoDB Atlas so that you never worry about scaling up to millions of users!



We take care of your cloud infrastructure by design and get you ready for affoding high traffic from day one. In the current age of information technology that everything is becoming like a service not using cloud services like a service is a technical crime.

We highly recommend AWS (Amazon Web Services), but you can choose one by your own observation and we will set it up for you like a pro. Alternatively you can get a dedicated server or virtual machine but the maintenance cost and preparing it for scalability is like keeping a cow for giving you two glasses of milk everyday instead of just buying milk from a grocery store.


Technologies we use

Focused on building JavaScript apps using React.js, React Native and Node.js at an highly productive and cost efficient way!. By keeping 100% JavaScript ecosystem we maintain a high degree of code sharability between different interfaces of your app.

Let's Talk

Let's talk about how we can help you in building your app in a cost-efficient and productive way! You can either book a phone call with Aemal Sayer or approach us by writing!

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